A Guide to LCD Televisions

LCD televisions are very popular at the moment due to the fact that they produce a brilliant picture quality and are also now quite cheap to buy. An LCD TV is flat screen and so they look very sleek and cool in any room and the other advantage is that a flat screen LCD television will require much less space than the old bulky televisions.

The Liquid Crystal Display technology that is behind the LCD televisions has come a long way in recent years, it has been around for a very long time but only recently has it been able to produce the kind of quality needed for a modern television. It can now produce the 1080p resolution that offers an unbelievable level of detail and clarity and simply looks superb. Most manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and LG also produce screens that have a very high refresh rate such as 100 or 200htz and so you get a very fluid and clear picture, even with fast moving images.

When you buy a new LCD television you need to look for the HD Ready logo as this tells you that it can display HD imagery. This does not tell the whole story though as there are different levels of ‘HD’ with the 1080p screens offering the highest resolution and therefore the best picture so look for 1080p if you want to buy the best. With good quality HD equipment such as a Blu Ray player or high definition television such as Sky HD you get an incredible picture that simply has to be seen to be believed.

The tuner that is included in the LCD TV is also important as you need to be sure that you can receive that service. Freeview is very popular and offers free access to digital television which is wonderful but there are areas in the UK that cannot receive it and so you need to be sure that you can access Freeview if you buy an LCD television that has only that tuner. Freesat is also a very popular choice but that requires a satellite dish which can be tricky.

There are lots of brands that offer LCD televisions with Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG and Toshiba being the most popular. Sony are a firm favourite due to the quality of their LCD televisions and the technology included within them, they offer all kinds of added technology to improve the picture quality that you receive. Samsung are also very popular as they offer very stylish screens and also have some very impressive technology.

lg smart tv 43 inch 4k The final thing to look at is the sound quality that the LCD TV produces, it is always better to use an external home cinema system but if you cannot do this then look for an LCD television that has good quality sound. Some can even produce a virtual surround sound which gives you sound from all directions with no additional speakers which is excellent.

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